Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our services or are you just curious if we are a good fit for your agency? Take a look at the answers to the frequently asked questions  asked by other agencies. 



To deliver a website to your customers without writing a single line of code, but still get all the credits. That is white label WordPress development from Mr. Webdesign. Your customer feels like you’ve done all the work, but in fact you’ve got a strong company behind you doing all the heavy lifting for you.

We work with all agencies that have the goal of realizing digital solutions for their clients. These can be online marketing agencies, but also PR agencies or other website development agencies. We also regularly help freelancers to tackle complex projects for their clients.

We work from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00. Are you in a rush? Send an e-mail to and we will solve your emergency as soon as possible.

It all starts with an introduction to your project manager. During the introduction we can determine whether we are a good fit for your agency. 


We ensure that the website is properly migrated to the server of the customer or of your digital agency. We can also provide support for installing Google Analytics and implementing Google Search Console. 

You communicate with your project manager at all times. To keep the process as streamlined as possible, all wishes and needs are discussed with the project manager. In this way, our developers can focus purely and solely on the development work.

The duration of a project strongly depends on the size of a website. A medium-sized website with 10 to 15 pages can be delivered within 10 working days.

We can convert almost all design files to a WordPress website. The most common are Figma files and Adobe XD files.


Discretion and reliability are essential parts of our services. We make sure that in no way your customer knows that we are developing the websites. In order to reinforce these promises, we sign a non-disclosure agreement before the start of each project.

When you choose to purchase a time sheet, an invoice will be sent showing the fees for the sheet. You can only use the hours from the moment the invoice has been paid in full.

When you choose to hire us on a project basis, we will initially send an invoice asking for a 50% deposit. From the moment this invoice is paid, we immediately start developing the website. The other 50% will be invoiced from the moment you and your customer are completely satisfied.

Payments are always made via bank transfers. All invoices must be paid within 14 days.

Both the timesheet and the hiring-per-project fee include project management, a personal account manager and the WordPress developer. You are also assured of lifetime support when it comes to bugs in the code.

We build all websites in WordPress. We have a suitable solution for every challenge. You can contact us for all websites that need to be developed in WordPress. This also applies to websites that need to be linked to external systems.


No. We have deliberately chosen to focus solely on WordPress development. This focus allows us to offer digital agencies the best experience and quality.

Yes, this is also possible. Ask about the possibilities in the introductory meeting with your project manager.

We offer lifetime support after the delivery of all white label websites. Have you discovered a bug? Then call us on 085 – 0043397 or email us at